Feb.25, 2008--Mar. 9, 2008     

Big picture? Click the picture.......(used photoshop for some picture)   

Feb. 26,  at St. Paulo

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Feb. 27, 28,  Manaus-Ariau Jungle Hotel, Manaus

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b76   b80   b81   b82   b88   b91   b97   b98


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Feb. 29, Rio de Janeiro, Mountain of Corcovado, Pao de Acucar(Sugar loaf) cable and Night of Samba. 

b103   b107   b107-2   b107-3   b108   b109   b110   b114


b115   b116   b118   b124   b127   b128   b129   b135


b137   b142   b144   b145   b146   b147   b150  


b171   b151   b154   b165   b168   b169  


Mar. 1, Stadium, Cathedral Metropolitana,  Capacobana beach

b173   b174   b177   b178   b181   b182   b184   b185




Mar. 2, Iguaçu  National Park.....brazil

   b192   b193   b195   b206   b210   b211   b214


 b215   b216   b219   b225   b226   b232      b240