Dear Dr. Lee:
Thanks for sharing the photos taken from your trip, and some others.
We, Dr. Ryo and I, recently had a wonderful trip to a tri-state-round-about, from Connecticut to Maine. It was fantastic and fulfilling experience. Also, the timing was great. Literally, the vivid color was changing in front of my very eyes, maturing into a fall color from 9.00 AM to 10.00 AM. I must confess, however, the trip was only possible by the impeccable planning, meticulous too, done by Dr.Chungs. "CHUNGOMABIGIJUL"; as Korean folks saying goes, we, 'four old friends' ( T-S and I were in Queens, 1966-67), became enriched; replenishing our yearnings and intimacy, catching up the lost times. While good food and wine were flowing over hearty laughters break the valley's quirescence. Cooled night air was just pleasant enough quenching the heat of the passion  brought on by vigors of the 'mountain-golf. Everyone of us wished the trip lasted a little longer. Alas!, it had to be ended!! .
Now, we have only memories, of which captured in the photos, I ww'd like to share with you and other friends. Included are also some of the pictures taken around downtown Chicago, the sceneries near my condominium. We are still in Chicago, enjoying a nice cool crispy weather. Provably, we will be heading south by the 3rd week of October. Hope we will see you soon in Florida!  attachment, if, I succeed, as this is the first in attempting photo attachment.