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우리들의 사랑방
경북의대 60년도 졸업 동기회

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Photo Gallery

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At Meetings 

2007 Florida Alumni Meeting 

2007 Myrtle Beach Meeting    

2004alaska cruise

2007 Dr. Kang Ban's  Picture   

At Trips Together

2004 Alaska Cruise

2005 Middle East

2005 Italy

2005 Germany, Austria, Check, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland

2006 Scandinavia

2006 Russia  

2007 Portugal, Morocco, Spain

2007 Myrtle Beach

 2008 South America...

2008 Souheast Asia.......(China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

2008 Hokkaido, Japan


South America (Feb.25-Mar.9, 2008)

2008 Brazil

2008 Argentine

2008 Peru

Pictures by Dr. Mansop Hahn




 2008 South-East Asia Trip(Oct. 17-Nov.2,)

2008 Hokkaido Japan